The Founders Pathway 5H Manifesto

As a founder, the focus is often on your business, and rarely on YOU. We’re here to change that.

Founders Pathway
3 min readMar 30, 2021


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Why Did We Create Founders Pathway?

As a founder, it’s easy to get lost in the noise of your company. Everyone wants to talk about your business, but no one ever asks about you.

Founders Pathway is built on the principle that your personal wellbeing powers the health of your business, too. ‘Round here, you are the centre of our attention.

We know that behind a booming business is a person, not a robot. We recognize that founders are the true engine of growth, and need to be cared for as such.

Our mission is to help you thrive on a personal level, so that your energy and vitality overflow into your professional world.

We’re here to cultivate community and belonging. To facilitate meaningful connections, helping you collaborate with peers and build a trustworthy team. To foster life-long learning, innovation and wellness through our network of service providers.

Fundamentally, we’re here for you.

This is a community built by founders, for founders.

Because when we look out for each other, we thrive together, and, suddenly, anything becomes possible.

Why Join Our Community?

Lost & Founders

This is your one-stop-shop for everything a founder needs to thrive.

First and foremost, we prioritize your mental health.

A study conducted by UCSF found that entrepreneurs showed a significantly higher rate of self-reported mental health concerns than the comparison group.

Several studies also point to burnout being prevalent amongst leaders, a phenomenon so contagious it even infected Elon Musk.

While we won’t claim to know of some magic pill that instantly cures stress and anxiety and makes you an unstoppable productivity machine, we know there are preventative measures you can take to preserve your wellness.

As detailed by Johan Harri in ‘Lost Connections’, at the core of many grave mental health issues is a lack of human connection.

For this reason, we are dedicated to creating a community where founders can uplift one another, and feel united in their pursuit of innovation.

Our slack space is a haven for anything and everything you could dream of discussing.

Looking for the perfect co-founder to be your partner for life? There’s a channel for that. Need some advice on where to look for investors in your field? You guessed it — there’s a channel for that. Just want to vent and connect over the trials and tribulations of being a founder? That’s what we’re all about.

And when a chat isn’t enough, members of The Founders Hub can turn to our respected service providers for deep dives into your physical and mental wellbeing, and valuable professional guidance.

Build a lifestyle tailored to your personal needs with Silverberry Genomix’s Total Health Package. Expand your mind with Innovearn’s Design Thinking Program. Achieve Pitch Perfection with Silverberry Startup Studio.

The possibilities for growth are endless.

It’s easy to get lost in the noise of your business, in the pressure to perform and to live up to everybody’s expectations. Let’s set you on the pathway to where your full potential is found.

What Makes A Founder?

The 5Hs of Founders

You are a Hacker.

You hack the technology, and you hack the market, to find unimaginable and innovative solutions to the toughest of challenges.

You are a Hustler.

You are always on the go, and leave no stone unturned.

You are a Hungry Soul.

You are always after knowledge and new experiences.

You are Human.

You believe in creating an inclusive and safe space where everyone is welcome, regardless of age, gender, race, or nationality.

But, at the end of the day…

You must be Healthy, too.

Your business is only as healthy as you are.

Founders Pathway is here to take care of you.

It’s time to take care of your personal health and wellness, so you can dedicate your full potential to the wellbeing of your business.

We’re here to build an innovative and passionate community, where members can be themselves and build long-lasting connections.

Tend to your personal and professional health, all at once.



Founders Pathway